Over the last several years Adam has toured the United States playing his original music and has been recruited to perform for some of the country's most successful corporations and prestigious private events. Whether performing cover tunes or his original music what Adam loves most is helping folks have a good 'ol time! Everyone from brides to corporate employees to nightclub patrons have celebrated Adam's unique renditions of rock and country classics, current pop favorites and timeless standards. Adam's original music has a pop rock, singer songwriter flare that is unforgettable.

Upcoming Shows.

What's Up.

  • Pitch and Fiddle tonight! I hit the tunes up after the fights! https://t.co/DOUD16MDPX
    Mar 4th 4:26pm
  • Back in Sacramento! Stones Gambling Hall/Sammy‚Äôs Restaurant + Bar tonight! https://t.co/1OtSYKCLg7
    Feb 24th 5:38pm
  • Last night at the Nugget Casino Resort! If you are close...it's worth it! https://t.co/pPOIdESLBm
    Feb 18th 7:53pm